Speciality Services

If an order arrives incorrectly, International Warehouse Group’s team can repack it. We can handle any request that you or your customer may have. Special projects are our forte!

Ticketing / Labeling
International Warehouse Group’s on-site staff can pre-ticket or re-ticket orders as per your request. We can also remove tickets and replace bags. Whatever your needs are, we can accommodate them. Quantity is not an issue. We are always prepared for rush orders, and will deliver to your customers on time.

Kitting / Assembly
International Warehouse Group can get your product to market faster while saving you money! Here at IWG we will collect and assemble individual products to create a new, marketable product unit, as per your request. With assembly services, orders are assembled and shipped as a single unit. Kitting services include assembling kits that contain the components, or assemblies, of a product in a single package and then shipping them out as a single unit. IWG can help you quickly get your product on the market and available for purchase. We can also reduce the costs of manufacturing and alleviate the stress of having to sell, manufacture, and ship products yourself. Our facilities and staff allow us to adapt to any size job requirements. We are flexible, reliable, and efficient with getting the job done quickly and properly.

Quality Control
International Warehouse Group’s receiving department inspects all incoming freight and will notify customers of any open cartons or damages that have occurred during shipping. We will take digital photos and send them you if necessary. We are also trained to look for any unusual discrepancies, and will open individual packages for a thorough inspection if required.

International Warehouse Group
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