The Benefits of Using Warehouse Services

We’re no longer in a recession. The economy is on the upswing. Business around the country is booming, as are world markets. With so much potential, the surge of company growth—in terms of profit, physical size, and output—is unavoidable. However, no matter how welcome that prosperity is, it will present a new set of challenges to any business:

  • Where will our products go?
  • Who will organize this stuff?
  • Who is willing to put in the work? 

Businesses asking these questions will often utilize the assistance of a warehouse management system.

Simply, warehouse services enable businesses and retailers to store massive quantities of items. These items are inventoried in the database. It’s an easy and efficient way to keep track of your stuff, and when you have a large inventory, it’s the best method of organization. Whether you’re storing fashion apparel, electronics, cosmetics, dry goods, tobacco, alcohol, there’s a place for your inventory.

Since we are located in New York, we also have the advantage of being in at the heart of one of the biggest commercial centers of the world. When importing and exporting on a global market, it’s important to have your inventory ready to go at a moment’s notice. Smaller warehouses, obviously, do not offer the speed and efficiency of working in tandem with renowned, reliable shippers and transporters.

Saving money is one of the obvious advantages of using a system like International Warehouse Group. As one of the premier storage facilities in New York, some of the services that we offer are: stocking/restocking inventory, picking, production, loading and shipping. Without a warehouse management system, each of these would not only be time-consuming, but may require an outside (and costly) firm. Office and administrative services are also included, such as data entry, creating packing slips, and invoicing – which are only some of the financial conveniences.

Another benefit to using our distribution warehouse is the increased organization. Storing products in your own space often causes confusion, clutter and headaches. Using a warehouse also takes the responsibility and culpability out of your hands. Imagine losing a high-profile client because of a mishap on your part. How can you explain lost merchandise, when it’s entirely in control? With a warehouse management system, businesses can remove the stress of those situations and focus entirely on growing your business.

Our warehouse is also completely monitored with a tracking system, which means we know exactly where your inventory is at all times. We also know that your inventory is precious, which is why we treat security with the utmost importance.

The transportation service offered by distribution warehouse is also an obvious benefit. Our experienced drivers ensure that your inventory leaves our warehouse and arrives at the destination in the same condition. We also have handle all transactions with major shipping services—USPS, UPS, FedEx—thereby diminishing the occasional frustration of having to deal with them on your own.

Another major benefit with using our New York warehouse—which few people think about—is the reduction of physical exertion and potential injury. When dealing with large quantities of anything, the risk of injury is great, especially when dealing with pallets. Our experienced crew is skilled in taking care of the large, heavy lifting, saving you on costly medical bills.

Photo courtesy of Jody Hadden


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