Secure Warehouse Services Available in New York Through International Warehouse Group

To achieve the optimal solution for their in-house logistics process, many companies are consolidating their expenditure and turning to warehouse and distribution specialists across the country. Specialist warehousing organizations often have the capability to respond to unique storage demands. These demands may include the need for a climate-controlled environment or a secure customs-bonded area in which US Customs officials can inspect cargo to be delivered to an overseas customer. To gain access to such specialist services, organizations across the United States are now turning to New York based leader for warehousing and distributions services, International Warehouse Group.

Backed by 30 years’ experience within the business logistics field, International Warehouse Group has gained a reputation for the superior seamlessness with which they enact their warehousing and distribution processes. The company’s expanding reputation over the year means that they have now formed on-going business partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers, distributors and retailers around the globe. One of the reasons behind the organization’s quickly enhancing reputation is their ability to offer flexible service solutions that correspond to emerging client business requirements.

Consider for example their kitting and assembly services. The company’s kitting and assembly service allows clients to get their product to market faster and more efficiently than they would when using an in-house solution. And it saves them money too. The team at International Warehouse Group will collect individual products from the client and then assemble those individual products to build a new, marketable product unit. The New Yorkcompany’s kitting services enable International Warehouse Group to create assembly kits that contain components or assemblies of a product within a single package and then ship the product out to the vendor. These services allow the organization to help clients consolidate the cost of their manufacturing processes and alleviate the pressure on the company of having to sell, manufacture and ship the products on-site. With flexible solutions designed for all kitting and assembly needs, International Warehouse Group represents a key partner for companies looking to adapt to the demands of global business.

One of the core strengths to the International Warehouse Group offering is their facilities. The company has over 1,000,000 sq. ft. of modern, highly secure warehouse space within convenient port-side warehouses across the country. The locations in New Jersey, Florida, California and New York offer clients best-in-class storage security for their goods and over six acres of outdoor storage. Clients trust their merchandise to International Warehouse Group because of the organization’s superb safety track-record. And their infrastructure features the presence of certified security guards manning key facility areas 24/7. As part of their additional security mechanisms, International Warehouse Group has also installed automated sprinkler systems and secure, re-enforced warehouse doors in order to protect client merchandise. Few organizations can match the innovation, security and services flexibility offered by New York based International Warehouse Group.

To learn more about the International Warehouse Group has its facilities, contact their in-house specialists today. Actionable logistics strategies are now available for your organization’s new product roll-out.

About International Warehouse Group:
International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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