New York Based International Warehouse Group: Specializing in Customized Logistics Services

Managing warehousing duties while operating a business can be a difficult balancing act to maintain. There many processes involved in achieving a refined warehousing and distribution management system, and the proper amount of time and concentration must be paid towards these processes if organizations are to succeed with their long-term targets. That’s why many brand leaders are now outsourcing their warehousing and distribution operations to dedicated specialists such as International Warehouse group, a New York based company that offers best-in-class warehouse services to support seamless business growth.

International Warehouse Group has become a leading warehousing and distribution partner to a number of leading brand names during their 30-years within the logistics business. These leading brands now depend upon the services of New York based International Warehouse Group to help ensure that merchandise makes its way through the supply chain and arrives at the customer’s door within a consolidated timeframe and in optimal condition. By making the entire process as seamless and cost-effective as possible, International Warehouse Group has become a trusted industry leader.

The company’s in-house team takes their time to truly understand the client’s key warehousing requirements. Whether the product must be kept in the optimal, climate-controlled conditions or requires storage in specially-designed containers, International Warehouse Group can provide the requisite solution. The team at International Warehouse Group can even assemble a company’s products for them, helping to reduce the time it takes to bring products to market and ensuring that all merchandise is assembled professionally to help clients maintain their brand’s reputation for quality.

The company’s exquisite facilities are one of the reasons behind their continued success within the field. International Warehouse Group offers over 1,000,000sq ft. of warehouse space across several major cities in the US – New York, New Jersey, California and Florida. These facilities are each positioned close to major ports to ensure that the client’s merchandise can quickly be transported to the customer no matter where they are in the US or across the globe. And because each of the company’s facilities is maintained 24/7 by trained and certified security guards, and protected by a cutting-edge video surveillance network, clients can rest assured that all merchandise within International Warehouse Group’s care will be delivered to the customer without incident.

It’s the company’s truly exemplary security record that has helped International Warehouse Group to achieve top levels standing with governmental agencies. For example, the organization has been rated as a low risk warehouse by Homeland Security, as well as many of the leading insurance agencies and banks. This allows the company’s clients to lower the cost of their insurance while working directly with International Warehouse Group and allows business leaders to achieve the additional piece-of-mind in knowing that they’re working with a company that is trusted on a governmental level for the quality of their services.

With a range of customized warehouse and distribution services, New York based International Warehouse continues to be the US leader for innovative logistics solutions. To learn more about the organization, contact their Melville, NY headquarters directly and speak with one of the company’s qualified experts about your business’s long-term requirements.

About International Warehouse Group:
International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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