New York-based International Warehouse Group Offers Country’s Leading Warehousing Services

The safe warehousing of products is a key element within the supply chain for all major organizations. Without access to warehousing facilities in which there products will be kept in the requisite condition for shipping to the customer, many companies could not afford to exist. Leading firms only select experienced warehouse services providers with a top-class network of facilities at key transit hubs. And so that’s why many proactive, growing companies are now choosing warehousing solutions from New York-based International Warehouse Group.

International Warehouse Group delivers customized warehouse solutions that are designed to seamlessly align with the client’s short and long-term business objectives. The company’s entire network is optimized to provide clients with a seamless logistics solution. Their facilities, for example, are in key locations at major port cities across the US. Operating in New York, New Jersey, Florida and California, the positioning of these facilities enables International Warehouse Group to provide leading class response times for clients, as the company is able to send packages within a consolidated timeframe.

The technology within the New York warehousing facilities is second-to-none within the industry. Consider for example their inventory control systems. Through these systems, International Warehouse Group is able to provide clients with real-time information on the current condition and location on their products. And, because each of the company’s facilities is protected by a full-scale security infrastructure that operates 24/7, clients can rest assured that their inventory is completely protected while under International Warehouse Group control.

As a leading New York warehousing services provider, International Warehouse Group offers a range of specialty services designed to provide businesses with a full-service logistics solution. They offer a quality control department that inspects all the freight when it arrives at the company’s facility. This quality control team will notify clients of any freight that has been opened or damaged during the transportation process. This ensures that the product received by their customer is of the highest quality, protecting the client’s brand reputation. As quality control specialists, the team is also trained to notice unusual discrepancies. They will open individual packages to complete a thorough inspection as and when required. It’s the full service freight-receiving solution that streamlines and secures delivery to the customer.

Working with International Warehouse Group also offers a means to abide by industry guidelines. The International Warehouse facilities are custom-bonded. This means that U.S. Customs’ officials work within the building to inspect freight. Due to the company’s exemplary safety record, International Warehouse Group has been rated as a low risk warehouse by the Department of Homeland Security, in addition to many of the leading insurance agencies and banks. The low risk rating of the facility ensures that firms can consolidate their insurance costs when they choose shipping and receiving solutions offered by the team at International Warehouse Group. From receipt to custom delivery – your freight is secure in International Warehouse Group’s facilities. Contact the company today to learn more about the range of services they have available.

About International Warehouse Group:
International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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