New York based International Warehouse Group Offering Streamlined Warehousing Services to Clients across US

Companies around the globe must optimize their logistics processes to ensure that their products are delivered on time at a consolidated cost. Only by working with the most experienced warehousing and distribution companies can businesses ensure that products makes their way securely to clientele and that’s why many organizations across the country are turning to experienced solutions experts such as New York warehousing and distribution specialist International Warehouse Group.

International Warehouse Group has become one of the foremost companies in the US for logistics solutions. Their increasing reputation within the industry is the result of their complete commitment to ensuring that clients achieve a cost-effective solution to their warehousing and distribution demands. The company is positioned to truly capitalize on US infrastructure advances as they further enhance their services to clientele. That’s because the majority of their warehouses are located close to major ports, reducing the scale of the distribution chain significantly and allowing the company to transport client goods to their destination within a consolidated timeframe.

The company has warehousing locations across the US in New York, New Jersey, California and Florida, which offer a combined 1,000,000sq ft. of space for their clients’ unique storage needs. One area in which the organization has become especially noted as a sector leader is within the field of climate controlled warehousing. The organization has evolved to meet the needs of clients requiring storage for temperature controlled and humidity controlled goods with innovative warehousing environments that are controlled by cutting-edge systems.

Security is one of the leading considerations for any warehousing organization and this is one area in which International Warehouse Group is exceptionally proactive. To ensure the safety of their clients’ products, each of the company’s facilities is monitored 24/7 by trained and certified security guards using the latest video surveillance technology available on the security market. And as a further security mechanism, each of their warehouse facilities contains automated sprinkler systems and secure warehouse doors.

As part of their warehousing solutions, International Warehouse Group extends an array of specialist services to their clientele. For example, they offer a professional pick and pack service that will ensure that all client merchandise is pulled as per instructions from the client. And then when it’s time to ship the products, the company’s in-house warehousing specialists will pack all items according to their unique storage needs, whether they’re loose or in cases. If requested by the client, the company can arrange for orders to be palletized and picked up through their traffic department.

Clients can rest assured of the international class quality of the International Warehouse Group’s facilities for outside shipping because these facilities are US customs bonded. All freight is secure within the bonded area for US customs officials to inspect and the company has been rated as Low Risk by the Department of Homeland Security as well as many of the leading insurance companies and banks. High quality New York warehousing services are now a mere phone call away. Contact the team at International Warehouse Group directly to learn more about their vast range of services. Highly secure warehousing and distribution solutions have never been more affordable!

About International Warehouse Group:
International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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