New York Based International Warehouse Group Helping US Business Consolidate Logistics Costs

Warehousing facilities are a key element within the modern business supply chain. It’s imperative that these product storage areas are overseen by organizations that have the requisite experience and tools to manage the entire process, from cost-effective and professional storage to seamless distribution efficiency. And this is why many US business leaders are now making New York based International Warehouse Group their key warehousing and distribution partner.

International Warehouse Group has been at the forefront of the logistics field for over 30 years. In that time, they’ve worked with a great range of manufacturers, distributors and major retailers to form lasting business relationships that allow all parties to move forward in meeting their business objectives. One of the company’s key strengths is the sheer size of the warehouses they operate. New York based International Warehouse Group operates over 1,000,000sq.ft of modern, cost-efficient and highly secure warehouse space in major port cities across the country. With warehousing locations in New Jersey, California, New York and Florida, the company is perfectly positioned to warehouse inventory ready for shipping to points across the country and around the globe. And their warehousing processes are as innovative as they are seamless.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to ensuring that client merchandise arrives at the customer’s location in optimal condition. International Warehouse Group’s facilities are climate controlled, which enables clients such as pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers to ensure that property remains optimally stored within this key stage in the supply chain.

The company’s security infrastructure is among the most impenetrable within the warehousing industry in the US. All merchandise in International Warehouse Group warehouses is kept under 24/7 electronic surveillance. And, while International Warehouse Group maintain the control, the client has complete oversight at all times, as International Warehouse Group has a highly sophisticated inventory management software system, through which they are able to provide clients with key data on their merchandise as it makes its way through the supply chain process.

As part of the company’s world class suite of warehousing facilities, New York based, International Warehouse Group can also offer clients a dedicated e-commerce service that will ensure all online orders are fulfilled with expedience and professionalism as part of a seamless ordering process. Whether a client’s e-commerce solution involves a site that ships directly to consumers or to retailers,

International Warehouse Group can offer a dedicated staff that will monitor the client’s website, pull in recorded orders and then turn over those orders within a 24-hour period. As part of this e-commerce ordering fulfillment solution, the company also offers a complete range of packing materials to ensure that merchandise arrives at the customer’s door in optimal condition.

Truly, International Warehouse Group is the modern business’s one-stop-shop for a full range of warehousing and distribution services. To find out more about how the company can improve your business’s logistics processes, contact the team at International Warehouse Group directly today. Innovative, customized solutions are now available for all types of company.

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International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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