Leaders of Commerce in US Now Use Warehousing Solutions from New York Based International Warehouse Group

Infrastructure security is the core concern of any organization shipping merchandise overseas. That’s why the leading retailers, manufacturers and distributors in New York only trust their warehousing processes to local area companies that have been US Customs-bonded. One of the leading New York companies for innovative warehousing and distribution solutions is International Warehouse Group. The company now offers US-Customs-bonded warehouse facilities that have been rated low risk by Homeland Security, leading insurance companies and banks. This means that they’re able to provide clientele with a high value service that protects their merchandise throughout the distribution network.

International Warehouse Group is a company that is founded upon a commitment to ensuring products are delivered according to their clients’ unique specifications. This commitment entails offering clients flexible solutions to their unique logistics requirements. One such example is the company’s climate-controlled facilities. International Warehouse Group is now the ideal choice for those companies who need to store temperature sensitive goods while they’re en-route to a customer, thanks to the organization’s ability to control elements of their warehousing environment. Another area in which the organization now specializes is within inventory control.

International Warehouse Group employs an advanced computer software program that ensures a seamless mechanism for providing clients with crucial data on their inventory. By keeping this constant connection with clients, the company can react to changing demands at a moment’s notice – a vital capability within today’s quickly fluctuating global business environment. Another vital element of any successful business enterprise operating globally is an e-commerce infrastructure.

New York International Warehouse Group based leads the field in terms of warehousing fulfillment solutions. Through these services, clients will be provided with a team of professionals working to respond to the company’s online orders. This team ensures that orders are received, via the client’s web store or via email, and ensure that a pack ticket is sent to the warehouse floor for picking and packing. Once the fulfillment process has been completed, the order will be shipped to the customer and an alert will be sent out via the company’s in-house inventory system. Data is also sent to the client company’s website to ensure that their customers can see tracking information pertaining to their order.

A highly efficient quality control mechanism is the foundation to product and service excellence in any industry. And International Warehouse Group offers one of the most widely respected quality control systems within the logistics field. The company’s receiving department inspects all incoming freight and then notifies customers when they discover packages that have been opened or damaged during shipping. As part of their industry-leading quality control mechanism, the company’s in-house staff will document the quality control process by taking pictures and sending them to the client as required. As a security-focused organization, International Warehouse Group’s team is also trained to notice unusual discrepancies. And so they will open packages for inspection to ensure client products remain in the utmost quality upon delivery. Secure, cost-effective and flexible, the warehousing services of International Warehouse Group in New York set the standard within today’s industry.

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International Warehouse Group is one of the leading New York based providers of cutting edge logistics solutions.

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