Companies in US Trust New York Based International Warehouse Group for Custom Logistics Solutions

With global businesses cutting back in order to consolidate expenditure and focus their resources on research, sales and marketing, many are unable to attend to their full logistical demands. This means that there is a vacuum within a key business area; a vacuum that must be filled by an experienced, professional logistics partner. As a leading warehousing and distribution specialist, International Warehouse Group has become one of the most trusted logistics companies in New York. The company offers a full range of customized logistics solutions designed to suit both the growing start-up operation and the international corporation with high level demands.

New York-based International Warehouse Group has over 30 years’ experience providing companies in the US with a growing range of logistics solutions. Their success within the logistics field means that the organization has now developed strong business relationships with many leading manufacturers, distributors and major retailers, by providing them with direct warehousing and distribution solutions to respond to their emerging market demands.

One of the areas of recent growth for the company is in the area of specialty services. One example is their kitting and assembly services. This solution empowers firms in getting there products to market faster while consolidating expenditure. The International Warehouse Group team can create a new and marketable product unit for clients. By utilizing the company’s assembly services, clients can have their orders assembled and shipped as single unit to their customers. While the organization’s kitting services enable the compiling of components and assemblies of a product to be shipped to the next stop in the supply chain. For seamless shipping and freight management, International Warehouse Group is a standout leader in the marketplace.

International Warehouse Group is also a leading innovator. The company’s fulfillment center works with a full technology suite to ensure a seamless ordering process for both clients and their customers. Fulfillment personnel review the client’s website and connected email orders. They then send a pick ticket to the warehouse floor to give warehouse workers notice that an order must be picked and packaged. After professionally creating the package for the customer, the warehouse personnel will then send the freight to shipping so that it can be quickly sent out to the customer’s address. This system is backed by a full tracking solution, so that customers can easily track their orders and follow the process while their orders are being created and shipped.

As one of the foremost logistics companies in New

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